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Being Vulnerable Is a Sign of Strength

Being Vulnerable Is a Sign of Strength


Oprah shares an eye-opening lesson from our latest Book Club selection. Every week, Oprah is setting an intention exclusively for Oprah Daily Insiders, with reflections on topics like letting go, forgiveness, coming into your own, and more. I hope you’re spending quality time restoring yourself this weekend. Now for me, that often involves spending time with a good book…and if you’re looking for one, may I suggest my newest Book Club selection, The Many Lives of Mama Love, by Lara Love Hardin. It’s a wild ride of a memoir written by a soccer mom who was secretly addicted to heroin and ends up in jail.

What impressed me most about this story was Lara’s ability to take an honest look at herself. In one memorable section, she reflects on her destructive pattern when it comes to matters of the heart, writing: “I loved fully until someone hurt me, and then I just pretended to love while remaining vigilant for the next bout of pain. I didn’t have the skill set to work things out. I didn’t know how to talk something through or express my deepest feelings. My own emotions embarrassed me, so I kept them private. Vulnerable wasn’t a look I was willing to wear.” Now that’s some serious self-awareness—and true vulnerability! So, Insiders, my intention for you this week is to try and think of a way you can embrace your own vulnerability. Maybe it’s by sharing something you fear or letting someone know they’ve hurt you. However you decide to get in touch with your vulnerability this week, let me know; I can't wait to hear.

Source: Oprah Daily Insiders

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