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5 reasons Easter was more fun when we were children

5 reasons Easter was more fun when we were children

Here's why Easter was more fun [pexels]

Why did we have more fun during Easter as children?

Who else noticed that the Easter holiday was more fun when we were kids? Nowadays, it just doesn’t seem like such a fun time. Why is it this? 1. We have to earn and spend our own money Let’s face it, when you were not the one buying things for yourself, life was way simpler. But now as an adult, you’re the one taking care of yourself and others if you have your own family. Where’s the fun in that? 2. We had fun outings Our parents tried to make Christmas fun for us by taking us to eateries and parks, and we didn’t have to think about how much they were spending, our job was just to enjoy. Now if you want to go out, you have to calculate and think of how much you’ll spend.

5 reasons Easter was more fun when we were children

3. New Easter clothes One of the best things about Easter was the new clothes we would get. It was like a mini-Christmas and it was exciting to wear these clothes to church. 4. We were on break from school That Friday and Monday break meant there was no school and that gave us joy. Interestingly, as adults we are equally relieved that we don't have to work, at least some of us don’t have to work, but we are not as happy. 5. The food One thing African mothers will always do is create an elaborate food fest during this celebration. We used to eat so much chicken plus the food we got from our neighbours. At the end of the day, we have all realised adulthood is a scam and we were much happier when we were younger because some others were adulting for our enjoyment.

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